The process of Registration and Insurance are interlinked.

All Participants (Players, Coaches, Officials, Club Volunteers/Officials, etc) must be registered with GW in order to obtain coverage under the GA Insurance Scheme.

The following is an outline of the essential requirements of GW registration:

  1. A Participant (or their parent/guardian, if under 18 years of age) must register with GW either via the registration website or via a filled out form, submitted via a club offical and agree to accept and abide by all of the Terms of Registration as outlined on GW Player Registration Form. Note: If you are a returning player, you are able to “renew” your registration by heading to the registration website and logging in, following the instructions if you haven’t got your details.
  2. Players must be registered prior to participation in gridiron, including before playing any match or trials. Coaches, Officials, Club Volunteers/Officials, Team Management etc. must be registered on acceptance of a position or appointment.
  3. The Participants registration information, either from the prescribed GW Registration Form or directly onto the website, must be entered into the database by the elected Club registrar. No Participant should be entered or renewed on without first confirming all of the required details as laid out in the form.
  4. A Participant who is not registered on the registration website is not insured.

It is the club’s responsibility to ensure registration occurs and all required information is filled in and kept as up to date as possible, within reason.

Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines are defined within the GW Operating Rules.

For the purpose of attaining participation figures, GW will set a deadline for when registration information is to be finalised. This date will be set annually and all teams will be advised.

Players Transfers

There may be practical reasons for players to change clubs. For example, players may trial with one club but end up playing for another in the actual competition or change clubs and/or leagues due to relocation of work.

It is a directive from Gridiron West, that any player wishing to transfer between leagues/clubs must complete the GW Player Transfer Form prior to registering with a new league/club. All clubs, players and relevant staff should be made aware of this directive.

This will greatly assist in the tracking of players within Australia and to gauge with greater accuracy the spread of players within the community.

Process – example:

  1. A player from Club A wishes to play for Club B because of a relocation for work.
  2. The player completes the GW Player Transfer form
  3. Club A signs the form, which is verification that he is not owing to the club in the form of financial commitment, fees, equipment or any other owings as defined by the club
  4. Club A/player sends the form to Club B to verify the information and to sign off on the new player, the form is forwarded to GW
  5. GW signs the form and forwards a final copy to the player along with a copy to the ‘New’ Club to confirm the transfer

For more information contact your club registrar and/or board representative.