Author: Scott Smith

The Finals are Here!

Well, like that the season is done. I know if you were to go by the posts on here, we started round 1, had 5 and 6 and then the finals but I assure you, there was a lot in between. As we head into the Semi Finals round this weekend at Dorrien Gardens, Gridiron […]

Half Way to the End

We’re half way through the season and we’ve now got a chance to have a look at the numbers presented to us so far. In the Open Mens division, up the top of the ladder the Saints and Vipers lead the way. Both have tipped into the 20 point range, 4 points away from the […]

Round 5 – Updates and Stats

Another round passes us by and with it, some more great football interspersed with some surprising results. The league moved north from Anniversary Park to Edinburgh Oval at Curtin University and has set up camp for the next 4 rounds. Juniors The Jets and Steelers kicked things off on Friday night, the Jets extending their […]

Round 4 – Updated Scores and Tables

The Fourth round of the 2015-16 season has come and gone, the positions in the ladder are starting to solidify. That being said, there’s still plenty of the season to go. Juniors The junior games proved one sided; all the away teams won and only one home team, the Perth Broncos, managed to score. Friday […]

Update! Finally. Rounds 1, 2 and 3

We’re well into the season now, this weekend coming represents the completion of the first quarter of season 2015-16. Since this is the first update on here for the season and I’ve not been around (a slight case of being in another hemisphere), I can’t give a recap of the games so I’ll just point out […]

Round 14 – Fin.

Right, we’re done. No more regular season games for this season. If you’re only now just tuning in to watch the upcoming 2014-15 season, you should probably have a sit down because you’re going to be disappointed. So I’m not going to go over the results, you can see them for yourselves here and here. […]