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The Perth Blitz have a Junior, Senior and Womens team. Please contact the club if you would like to register your interest to play.


The Blitz train Monday and Thursday nights at James Miller Oval, Manning.


Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosWomens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsWomens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsOpen Mens2019-2020
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzWomens2019-2020
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Westside SteelersUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Westside SteelersOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzWomens2019-2020
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Claremont Jets vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
Claremont Jets vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Swan City TitansWomens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Swan City TitansOpen Mens2019-2020
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzWomens2019-2020
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzWomens2019-2020
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesWomens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesOpen Mens2019-2020
Westside Steelers vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2019-2020
Westside Steelers vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersWomens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersOpen Mens2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Claremont JetsUnder 19s2019-2020
Perth Blitz vs Claremont JetsOpen Mens2019-2020
Swan City Titans vs Perth BlitzWomens2019-2020
Swan City Titans vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2019-2020




Kevin WilsonHead
David HolmesHead Coach

Current Roster

Open Mens

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
1Aaron AnthonyOffensive Guard000002
2Aidan SpencerCornerback000002
3Ben GallagherCornerback000002
4Ben MetcalfeQuarterback, Linebacker000001
5Billy WadeWide Receiver000002
6Brodie Banks000000
7Byron RennieWide Receiver100062
8Christian GaitauRunning Back100062
9Christian TifflinLinebacker000002
10Conor LovelandWide Receiver000002
11Danie Du Toit000000
12Doug HartnellLinebacker000002
13Dyllon McCoskerOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000000
14Floyd FonotiaLinebacker000001
15Hamish FrenchOutside Linebacker, Wide Receiver000001
16Jacob RoddenCornerback, Wide Receiver000000
17Jaime GreenshieldsRunning Back, Outside Linebacker000001
18Jarrod BennettsDefensive Tackle, Defensive End000002
19Jeremy TruongRunning Back, Wide Receiver000002
20Joel DowsettCornerback, Safety000000
21Jon LiuRunning Back, Defensive End000001
22Jonas Curic-RothQuarterback, Wide Receiver000000
23Jordan HughesOffensive Guard, Offensive Tackle000000
24Jordan LaingOutside Linebacker000002
25Joshua GoldsmithOffensive Tackle000002
26Laurie SpeakeOffensive Guard000002
27Lennon MarlinWide Receiver000002
28Liam StewartDefensive Tackle, Defensive End000002
29Michael WijayaSafety, Wide Receiver000002
30Naphareem SmithQuarterback, Linebacker000001
31Paul MamotteQuarterback, Cornerback, Wide Receiver000001
32Ricoh Te WhetuRunning Back, Linebacker000000
33Riki Moeau – PungaOffensive Guard000002
34Stanley RahendraRunning Back, Linebacker000000
35Te Mokotahi MoeauDefensive Tackle000002
36Thomas PaskovWide Receiver, Linebacker000002
37William MacrisOffensive Guard000002
38Zac BidwellCenter, Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000001

Under 19s

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
Danie Du Toit000002
Corey Washington000002
Jayden EnglandOffensive Guard000002
Michael Timms000002
Jonty Hewson000001
Jake Genefini000002
Matias CodorniuOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000002
15Wyatt Baldwin2000121
23Brodie Banks000002
24Naphareem SmithQuarterback, Linebacker000002
27Ricoh Te WhetuRunning Back, Linebacker100062
36Connor McFillinRunning Back, Linebacker3010202
37Ryan Scarce-AinsworthLinebacker000002
39Luke AlexanderQuarterback, Wide Receiver000002
46Kieren HerbertRunning Back, Linebacker000000
52Mitchell Jones-RannLinebacker000002
78Corben JohnsonOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000002


#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
1Ali ShawWide Receiver000002
2Anastasia DjordjevicCornerback000002
3April AlanCornerback, Linebacker000001
4Areewan (Oak) WicharueangDefensive Tackle000000
5Belinda ShaylerDefensive End, Linebacker000002
6Charlotte DringWide Receiver000002
7Danae RoneyDefensive Tackle000001
8Emily AlosiOffensive Guard000002
9Emma ZwartDefensive Tackle000002
10Grace McFillinRunning Back002042
11Jen KerfordWide Receiver000002
12Joanna MorozLinebacker000002
13Kirsty SoleyWide Receiver, Linebacker000002
14Laura MolloySafety, Linebacker000002
15Louise DevineQuarterback3010202
16Michelle ColebourneCenter000000
17Nadine MaderSafety001022
18Nicole HarveyWide Receiver000000
19Nikki HowsonCenter, Offensive Guard000002
20Oliana Lavulo000002
21Rhyanna EdbrookeDefensive End, Linebacker000002
22Taylor DwyerWide Receiver000002
23Tegan BrownWide Receiver2000122
24Tijana KingOffensive Guard000002
25Zowie DayOffensive Guard000002