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The Perth Blitz have a Junior, Senior and Womens team. Please contact the club if you would like to register your interest to play.


The Blitz train Monday and Thursday nights at James Miller Oval, Manning.


Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Swan City Titans vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
Swan City Titans vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Claremont Jets vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Claremont Jets vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Westside SteelersUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Westside SteelersOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs West Coast WolverinesOpen Mens2018-2019
Westside Steelers vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Westside Steelers vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Claremont JetsUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Claremont JetsOpen Mens2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Rockingham VipersOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Swan City TitansWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Swan City TitansOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Curtin SaintsWomens Finals2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s Finals2018-2019
Swan City Titans vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens Finals2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosWomens Finals2018-2019


Lachlan ThompsonPresident


Kevin WilsonHead
David HolmesHead Coach

Current Roster

Open Mens

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
1Aaron AllinghamDefensive End, Middle Linebacker000008
2Aidan SpencerCornerback1000611
3Alex AshfieldOffensive Guard000001
4Andre FolkesRunning Back, Wide Receiver30001810
5Andrew PerezQuarterback30001811
6Ben MetcalfeQuarterback, Linebacker000000
7Ben MiddletonOutside Linebacker, Cornerback000008
8Billy WadeWide Receiver000001
9Brandon McGuinnessWide Receiver100064
10Brian McCallOutside Linebacker, Safety0000011
11Byron RennieWide Receiver100067
12Caleb StentDefensive Tackle000007
13Christian TifflinCenter0000011
14Colin LemarieySafety000005
15Dean EarnshawLinebacker000003
16Dwane DermanLinebacker000005
17Dyllon McCoskerOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000008
18Floyd FonotiaOffensive Guard000006
19Ioane FisiihoiDefensive Tackle, Linebacker000007
20James NanaiOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000006
21Jarrod BennettsDefensive Tackle, Defensive End000007
22Jay MikaereCornerback, Safety000007
23Jeremy TruongRunning Back, Wide Receiver0000011
24Joel DowsettCornerback, Safety000009
25Jon LiuRunning Back000007
26Jordan HughesOffensive Guard, Offensive Tackle0000010
27Josh ArnoldDefensive End000009
28Joshua GoldsmithOffensive Tackle000009
29Kurt DelomeCornerback0000011
30Lachlan ThompsonSafety100067
31Lloyd SkinnerWide Receiver80205211
32Lui LuaivaRunning Back, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End000000
33Matt NelsonWide Receiver6000369
34Michael WijayaSafety, Wide Receiver001029
35Munya MatemaRunning Back, Wide Receiver2020166
36Naphareem SmithCenter, Linebacker100068
37Paul MamotteQuarterback, Cornerback, Wide Receiver100068
38Ricoh Te WhetuRunning Back, Middle Linebacker000001
39Riki Moeau – PungaOffensive Guard000005
40Robin MichelSafety, Linebacker000009
41Scott WitschgeWide Receiver1449010610
42Stanley RahendraRunning Back, Linebacker000007
43Thomas PaskovQuarterback, Wide Receiver, Linebacker000007
44William MacrisOffensive Guard000004
45Zac BidwellCenter, Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000009
46Zac CartonLinebacker000009

Under 19s

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
14Munya MatemaRunning Back, Wide Receiver5010324
27Ricoh Te WhetuRunning Back, Middle Linebacker000006
36Connor McFillinRunning Back, Linebacker000003
36Derek BartonWide Receiver000001
37Ryan Scarce-AinsworthLinebacker000008
39Luke AlexanderQuarterback, Wide Receiver001026
41Jack WrightCornerback, Wide Receiver000007
44Dylan PearceDefensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker000006
46Kieren HerbertRunning Back, Linebacker000004
47Ong SrisukCornerback, Linebacker000002
49Eddy AusageRunning Back, Linebacker101087
55Nick Te MaraOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000005
72Terepai MakuOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000005
77Naphareem SmithCenter, Linebacker000008
78Corben JohnsonOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000007
80Billy WadeWide Receiver2000128
84Jonathon WilliamsWide Receiver000001
89Ben GallagherCornerback100065
89Thomas PaskovQuarterback, Wide Receiver, Linebacker6020408
90Joon JeongWide Receiver100066
95Jack CollinsCornerback, Safety000008
97Cruz Van Der MerweWide Receiver, Linebacker000001
99Ben MetcalfeQuarterback, Linebacker000000


#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
1Aimee HarrisWide Receiver2000124
2Britney WereRunning Back, Wide Receiver9080709
3Catherine KirchnerCornerback000007
4Chae SalbieWide Receiver4000248
5Clare ThompsonRunning Back, Defensive Tackle000001
6Crystal Le BlancOutside Linebacker, Cornerback000008
7Danae RoneyDefensive Tackle000006
8Emily AlosiOffensive Guard000009
9Emma ZwartDefensive Tackle000007
10Janelle CallistoRunning Back, Linebacker4030304
11Jessica HinesDefensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker000002
12Kaylee HalseMiddle Linebacker100069
13Kirstie HarryCornerback000008
14Kylie HolmesDefensive Tackle000009
15Laura MolloyMiddle Linebacker001029
16Lauren O’NeillWide Receiver000009
17Louise DevineQuarterback2020167
18Melissa BoagOffensive Guard000006
19Michelle ColebourneCenter000005
20Mya PeneDefensive Tackle000005
21Nadine MaderSafety000009
22Ngara ThompsonOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle000009
23Nicole HarveyWide Receiver4010268
24Nikki HowsonQuarterback, Center, Offensive Guard000007
25Rhyanna EdbrookeOutside Linebacker, Defensive End001028
26Roquaye HornLinebacker001028
27Tegan BrownWide Receiver100061
28Teghan BranthwaiteCornerback000004
29Tijana KingOffensive Guard000009