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The Perth Broncos American Football Club is one of the oldest gridiron clubs in Western Australia. With an inclusive culture, we count players, alumni, community volunteers, supporters and their families amongst our diverse membership. We invite people of all abilities and football experience to visit us and experience what makes the Broncos more than just a football club.

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Lightning Park, 30 Della Road, Noranda WA 6062. We have a club house with bar, canteen and changeroom facilities that we use in bad weather and for film study.

Pre-season training starts Sunday 28th July 2019

Under 19’s Team
Sun 4:00-6:00pm
Wed 6:00-7:30pm

Women’s Team
Sun 1:30-3:30pm
Wed 6:45-8:45pm

Men’s Team
Sun 4:00-6:00pm
Wed 7:00-8:45pm

You’ll notice there is some overlap and we will have teams working along-side (not against) each other to make the most of our training time. Once contact training starts we will separate off into our team groups.

This will continue until September, when we will adjust/split our practice times to account for games – probably back to Monday/Wednesdays and possibly Thursdays.


Claremont Jets vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Claremont Jets vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Rockingham VipersUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Rockingham VipersWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Rockingham VipersOpen Mens2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
West Coast Wolverines vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Westside SteelersUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Westside SteelersOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Swan City TitansWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Swan City TitansOpen Mens2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
Curtin Saints vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Swan City Titans vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
Swan City Titans vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs West Coast WolverinesUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs West Coast WolverinesWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs West Coast WolverinesOpen Mens2018-2019
Westside Steelers vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Westside Steelers vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Curtin SaintsUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Curtin SaintsWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Curtin SaintsOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzWomens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Perth BlitzOpen Mens2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Claremont JetsUnder 19s2018-2019
Perth Broncos vs Claremont JetsOpen Mens2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BroncosUnder 19s2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BroncosWomens2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BroncosOpen Mens2018-2019
Rockingham Vipers vs Perth BroncosWomens Finals2018-2019
Perth Blitz vs Perth BroncosWomens Finals2018-2019



Andrew WrightHead Coach0422 364 963
Damien DonaldsonHead Coach/General Member0487 525

Current Roster

Open Mens

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
 Scott Smith000000
 Jason Weldon000000
 Aaron Cosgrove000000
 Ricky Peace000000
 Walter Santalucia000000
 Mallet Adrien000000
 Phillip Billings000000
 Mike Podmore000000
 Mathew Erceg000000
1Max Bethell000001
2Jared Docen000001
3Kevin Huynh000001
4Tyran Bennett000001
5Robert MacLeod000001
6Brendon Wickham000001
8Jacob Moffitt000001
9Siu-Dong Li000001
10Peter Powderly000001
11Blake Marklew4000241
14Joel van der Meer000001
17Corey Murray000001
23Kieran Marshall000001
27Aaron Deacon000001
28Jake Munckton000001
31Oscar Stranz000001
34Luke Palmgren000001
36Andrew Smith100061
40Joshua Salmon000001
44Nathan Kelly000001
50Cameron Duce000001
52Mitchell Disher000001
57Daniel Skafte000001
61Troy Dyson000001
62Andrew Thomas Lennon000001
63Aaron Robertson000001
64Andrew Don002041
73Karl Dixon000001
77Calum Greenall000001
78Jason Cull000001
81Karl Willis002041
82Josh Watson000001
84Steven Bradford000001
85Aaron Jones000001
87Jacob Jones000001
90Dino Todorov000001
96Jason Ristevski000001

Under 19s

#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
 Aaron Curtis000000
7Lennon Swalski000000
10Brereton Littlecott000000
12Stanislaw Rostkowski000000
13Daniel Markham000000
15Jaden Schaffer000000
22James Vogiatzakis000000
24Riley Hausler000000
37Przemyslaw Rostkowski000000
43Taj Jones000000
45Victor Soloman000000
49Casey Mould000000
54Josh Poeta000000
60Jayden Innes000000
67Hans Periapen000000


#PlayerPositionTDPAT2PtsFGTotal PtsGames
1Claire Nield000000
1Olivia West000000
1Samantha AlbornWide Receiver000000
1Kendall BinghamCornerback000000
1Simone LevisDefensive Tackle000000
1Laura St RuthSafety000000
4Naomi Campbell000000
6Sarina GormanLinebacker000000
7Allisen Longwood000000
10Monica BonaseraRunning Back000000
18Elise DiazQuarterback000000
21Heather WinterLinebacker000000
23Billie-Jade Sullivan000000
24Latasha Wells000000
25Danni-Elle Lippiatt-Byrne000000
27Jess SmithRunning Back000000
29Shannon SambellOffensive Lineman000000
33Dana Knowles000000
44Kellie Hopkins000000
49Miquaela PanicciariLinebacker000000
66Emily WeldonCenter, Offensive Lineman000000
67Emily RomeiOffensive Lineman000000
68Elizabeth Wright000000
77Katherine CallawayCenter, Offensive Lineman000000
85Tara Caple000000
88Laura NgDefensive Tackle, Defensive End000000