Dry July Challenge

Gridiron Australia and Hopper’s Herbalife distributorship invites YOU to help raise money for the Dry July Foundation and YOUR GRIDIRON club, by taking part in the Dry July challenge. You will also be adding premium nutrition to your body by using market leading Herbalife nutrition / supplement products while supporting the cause.
With the season for most states ready to kick off soon it is a great time to make those final fitness preparations and help your team on the field as well.
All PROFITS raised will be split with an equal donation to the Dry July Foundation and into the gridiron community with YOUR GRIDIRON CLUB, and GA the other equal recipients. You don’t need to be a member or player of a team to help raise funds, anyone can simply purchase any product and help multiple causes.
Purchase any product on the below site and email adam@hoppersherbalife.org to let you know the order number and what club you would like the funds to go to. **

** Purchases before June 27 2018

Hopper’s Herbalife distributorship founder and GA Director Adam Coles has experienced significant loss with cancer losing his mum at only 63 after a two-year battle with an aggressive form of Leukemia. Since then Adam has been a passionate advocate of raising funds for cancer charities, including taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave and would now like to help raise funds for the Dry July foundation, and the gridiron community in Australia.

Source: Gridiron Australia